Actually, I can

‘Are you Norq from Ork?’


You have no idea how exciting it was to hear that question when I walked into a room today. I was attending a work shop run by Emergents. (See their website here) and their tag line is ‘nurturing creative talent and careers in the highlands and islands’  Don’t mind if I do.

I had signed up for the afternoon not having a clue what I was doing and still had very little idea when I walked in, but never mind, the lovely people running the event knew exactly what they were doing and instantly put me at ease.

The workshop was designed to help people grow their business which is interesting because at the moment I don’t even have one, but after three hours in the company of business owners and developers, authors and other creative bods I left feeling ‘actually I CAN do this’ We had to introduce ourselves and say briefly what we did and for the first time in my life I said ‘I’m Sarah and I’m a writer’ at which point everyone clapped and I wondered how many times I could combust with excitement in one day. Seemingly loads because the whole 3 hours was full of encouraging ideas, conversation, tips and resources and left me with a real sense of excitement as to what the future might hold. My aim is to write and get work published and I began to believe this as a real possibility.  As one person said ‘you already are’

I kind of fell into blogging as a means of discipline to make myself write daily and have been so delighted with how it’s been received. It’s still early days and I’m learning all the time but it’s great to learn and see it evolve.  I nearly bottled the event altogether thinking I had nothing to offer but it was just so the opposite and I met some great people and a wonderful opportunity to network.

I realise I sound like Tigger on steroids, I’m just a little jumpy with excitement today so I better sign off for tonight. The picture is of a postcard by Hammond Gower which I received in the post today.  IT’S A SIGN I TELL YOU! Until the next time, (when I hope to be back down to earth) and thanks for reading.






2 thoughts on “Actually, I can

  1. Sarah-it was lovely to meet you and to join you on that exciting Emergents day in Stromness. I will now be following Norq from ork and look forward to reading more from you. I will be requesting a signed copy of the first book when it is printed 🙂 Joan the textile consultant x


    1. Hello Joan thanks for your lovely comments. I found everyone from Emergents to be really friendly and helpful. Thank you for following the blog and look forward to seeing you at the book launch!


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