A year ago today

At this time, on this Thursday a year ago I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was watching a team of highly skilled doctors, anaesthetists, nurses and a helicopter retrieval  team work tirelessly  to save my husband who was critically ill and in a medical coma. 24 hours earlier life had … More A year ago today

Man V Woman V Car

Sponsored post Conversations about cars with my husband, (for today let’s call him Orkney Stig) are usually short lived affairs.  When we looked at cars to buy a few years ago we narrowed it down to three to choose from.  My input was as follows ‘was that the blue one, the black one or the … More Man V Woman V Car

Animals misbehave

I need a hen whisperer and perhaps one for the dog too. I’ve been having animal issues all day today.  Along with the hens regular laying success (at last!) they seem to have a new found sense of adventure.   I opened the front door to find one on the door step today just about … More Animals misbehave

Spring 2 winter 0

In the battle  of winter v spring, spring is currently in the lead by producing two sunny days in a row.  Although there was a white frost this morning on the ground the sun was shining and there was hazy mist which reminded me of early summer days. While I’m probably perceived by many of … More Spring 2 winter 0

The struggle is real

This evening I had a mini master class on how to work the all singing all dancing remote control for the new all singing all dancing smart tv.  I am no further forward and ended up t̶h̶r̶o̶w̶i̶n̶g̶  handing them back and saying ‘well I can’t do it’ There are about 20 buttons on it and I will … More The struggle is real

Dear Orkney

Dear Orkney I’m sorry for all the mean stuff I said about you when I was fed up of it being a permanent state of Winter, full of hateful wind, rain, ice and snow. Today you totally got your act together and sent me a beautiful and gloriously sunny spring day so I could indulge … More Dear Orkney

Mothers and Friends

I have just driven home witnessing the most spectacular display of Northern Lights.  The entire sky was lit up in glorious pinks and greens and it’s the perfect weather for such a display (though regrettably not ideal for driving)  It feels like the coldest it’s been all winter.  The poor hen’s water is frozen but … More Mothers and Friends