The Lies Adults Told Us

I don’t normally encourage lying…. but I may have led my children to believe the ice cream man only played his music to tell us he had run out of ice cream. I also told Tech Support that onion was celery when I put it in food as he hated onion but would happily eat it if I told him it was celery. And when I was trying to get an excited Miss Lashes to go to sleep once my dad went outside and shouted up to the window that he was Peter Pan and it was time to settle down.  She shot into the bed and didn’t move until next morning.  There were others I’m sure, as well as stories my parents told me.  For example, my mum didn’t want us using chewing gum never mind swallowing it, so we were told if you swallowed chewing gum it wound round your heart.  Seriously, I believed that.

There was also a playground rumour that if you ate the apple seeds you would grow an apple tree in your stomach……(I’ve never tested this theory as it might be true.) and splinters could go into your body and kill you. A friend of mine was even told you could die from lovebites.

Orkney Beef’s father was once told there snakes in the midden.  (A midden is where all the cow poop gets chucked)  One night he had to go past the midden on his bike and went so fast because of the snakes that he didn’t see his uncles and knocked them right into midden!

So it’s over to you.  What is your funniest story?  But when you tell me, don’t mention Santa.  It’s no use trying to sway me, I KNOW he’s real!

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10 thoughts on “The Lies Adults Told Us

  1. I tell my little ones, that when they eat to many sweeties, their teeth will fall out!
    And once I picked up my husband with my children and my daughter screamed while looking at the guard at the camp:
    “mommy, the soldier doesn’t have any teeth, he has eaten too many sweeties”
    Thank you for that…

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  2. “If you say bad words, your tongue will turn black.” and “If you make faces, your face might freeze that way.” Sadly, the second one didn’t work despite my best efforts. 🙂

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  3. So, if the wind changes direction, your face will stay like that! It’s grape seeds that grow a tree in your belly. Annnnd…. Grannies home made lentil soup sticks to your ribs……..on the inside! Happy to help! Sportycus xx

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    1. Oh Roy has told me the sticking to ribs one! I remember the wind changing direction one well. We didn’t have grapes they were for posh folk! Hi Sportycus! X x


  4. Sarah – I remember the apple seeds story from junior school. When I was small I went on a coach trip with my Nanny and Grandad to Hunstanton (the seaside). As we set off Nanny told me to sit back in my seat because that way I would get a longer ride. I spent a long time thinking about that one. Gx


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