My Week in Pictures

Happy May

The weeks and months roll by and here we are in May. I don’t know where the time goes as last time I looked it was Christmas. Still, the weather has been lovely and our spirits are lifted. The sunsets were incredible and of course we all rush out and photograph them, never getting tired of the skies.  The photo of a sunset over Skaill was taken by my friend and neighbour Fran who takes some pearlers. Skaill loch is a couple of miles from our house and as peaceful as it looks.


Sunset over Skaill by Fran Hollinrake




More flowers are beginning to appear and the bluebells are looking beautiful. I’m always drawn to a small patch of pink ‘blue’bells on my morning walk. I’d never seen pink ones until I moved here.



Friends Old and New

I’ve been in touch with old friends and new this week. Ignoring all advice I’ve dished out to my kids over the years about not meeting strangers off the internet, I met a lady I’d come to know on Twitter. She has been a regular visitor of Orkney over the years and was up here for a holiday. We had a chance to meet for a quick lunch and cement a virtual friendship making it a real one. Jo is the loveliest of ladies and we managed to cover a lot of conversational ground in the space of an hour as well as leading each other astray with cake. We managed a wee taste of each other’s which has to be done. Jo I look forward to a much longer meet up and chat next time you visit Orkney as I know you’ll be back.

Cake tasting at The Strynd Tearoom


The other friend I was in touch with is my lovely friend Sally. Sally and I met when our daughters were tiny babies just a few months old. A great friendship began but sadly was cut all too short because of army life and Sally was posted abroad. In those days there wasn’t email, Facebook or mobiles. We sent each other cards and managed the occasional phone call but lost touch. That was over 20 years ago but thanks to Facebook we found each other again a few years ago and have kept up to date with each other’s stories via that. However today I made tmuch-promised phone call and it was like we’d never been apart. I’ve always loved Sally’s accent and we shared stories and past and present. I’m so thankful we could pick up where we left off and I definitely WON’T leave it 20 years to call again. Talking to my cousin yesterday, the sister of the cousin Steph that died recently I am reminded all too often that life is short and precious. Thank you for the loveliest of conversations Sally, and for getting it without my having to say x

FullSizeRender 25

I was surprised by the response to my Pegging Out blog  the week.  I thought it would slip by relatively unremarkably but a lot of people responded. I’ve even been sent photos of your washing lines both good and bad.  Last week on a perfectly good pegging out day Orkney Beef put some washing in the dryer and I nearly collapsed.  Anyway clearly by your response, the world would be a better place if we all pegged out on a regular basis.  Long live the peg, and have a great week everyone.


4 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. I put my foot down when my husband wanted to buy a dryer! “No”, I said, “we will buy the dryer tent, same price, better for the environment”,
    though not very practical in the cold winter month, I have to admit

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