My Week in Pictures

Sunrise Sunset It could hardly be a week in pictures without me showing you this week’s sunrise and sunsets.  They continue to be pretty incredible, especially for October as the weather has been beautiful. It’s been cooling down a bit but the sun shines bright and the skies continue to treat us to a multitude of … More My Week in Pictures

National Poetry Day

It’s national poetry day so I thought I’d share three of my favourites.  Feel free to share yours I’m always interested in expanding my poetry appreciation. Stop all the clocks by W.H Auden, to me, sums up perfectly how grief feels.  No more words needed. Stop All the Clocks Stop all the clocks, cut off … More National Poetry Day

MyWeek in Pictures

Last Sunday we had a fantastic display of the Northern Lights.  My son took this from outside our front door. What a privilege to live somewhere where we can see this.  I know a lot of people long to see them and it really can be spectacular. There are some great Facebook pages with some … More MyWeek in Pictures