My Week In Pictures – Life in the fast lane

If anyone is thinking of moving to Orkney for a quiet life take note, it doesn’t work.  I left a very hectic life in Cambridge and traded it all in for a really hectic life in Orkney.  I’m sometimes so busy I wonder if I really will meet myself coming back the other way one of these days. I recently confessed on Twitter that I sometimes sit in the car when I get home from work on a Friday and sit there in silence for 20 minutes before starting on the at home chores.  But that’s our secret, no one tell my husband.  😉 I love my life, but  most of the time  sometimes I wish it were simpler.  Earlier in the week I stopped off a mile away from my house at the beach just to listen to the waves and do nothing for a few minutes.  It was blissful, I really value these rare moments of solitude, and definitely with a view like this.

A mile from my home, a place to relax

There was clearly something good to eat on the beach as there must have been 50 or 60 seagulls all chowing down at the shore’s edge. Here’s just a fraction of them.

Tea time 

Something I don’t miss about my former city life is the busy commutes here there and everywhere.  Commutes in Orkney can take on a different feel though where boat rides to different islands can be part of a day.  Not bad (if it’s calm)  Press play.

At the end of a busy week Orkney Beef decided to take me out for a meal.  What a great way to relax and unwind……..until he removed his neatly folded napkin from his placemat and dumped in on the table never to be used, continued to insist that cake should be eaten with a spoon not a fork and even picked up his bowl to finish off the last of his soup until I gave him the death stare (it was very deathly) and he burst out laughing before he could wind me up anymore.  All house training efforts continue.


Cuddles with the adorable Peedie Smiler are always a great way to unwind.  The dog continued her daily cat watch at the window and Peedie Smiler decided to join in.  I love them both.


No matter how busy I’ve been I’ve still managed to find time to read this book in a matter of days.  It was absolutely HILARIOUS.  A really, really funny book written by a former junior doctor turned comedian.  I laughed and laughed it’s a brilliant read.  *warning though, the language can be colourful if you’re super sensitive to that.


My new improved self continues as I keep on keeping on with my exercise routine.  I discovered on Friday though that my calendar knows the real way to lose weight.


Have a great week everyone. Like mine, I hope it’s not too busy.


7 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Life in the fast lane

  1. I doubt I would do well up there. I am a poor sailor, and easily seasick. It seems like a very remote and peaceful life though. Except for the weather, as that must restrict some outside enjoyment, I’m guessing.
    Many thanks for following my blog, and best wishes from Norfolk.

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