A 1970s childhood

  The other day I stumbled upon this picture and was instantly transported back in time to my childhood era of 1970s.  The children are playing an exciting and fast paced party game of Hunt the Thimble. You can see the joy on their little faces while the mother casually sits  in clashing blue skirt and … More A 1970s childhood

My week in pictures

“Is this going to end up on the blog?” I can honestly say this is one of  my most frequently asked questions these days. It’s great because it shows people are reading it and for those occasions when I have a crisis of confidence and wonder what in the heck I’m doing there is always … More My week in pictures

Spring has Sprung

There’s nothing like a Spring morning to show off nature’s art work.  After crawling to the end of Winter on my hands and knees I now awaken to Spring mornings with such happiness I could almost break into a run.  I say almost because I tried running for a while; I enjoyed it but thanks to a … More Spring has Sprung

Spaekin’ Orcadian

“You look bonnie” “Thank you” I replied with a smile.  Orkney Beef is not always hugely forth coming with compliments so I have to grab them when I can. We were having lunch out a couple of years ago and sitting opposite one another. “You look bonnie” he said again. “Thank you!” I replied a … More Spaekin’ Orcadian

April Fool

‘There are two ducks sitting outside the hen house this morning’ It’s April 1st and I was determined not to be fooled by him today. So when he woke me up with that news I was ready for him. ‘Yeah right, didn’t the ostrich eat them?’ ‘were they next to the swan?’ ‘photos or it didn’t happen?’ … More April Fool